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Thomas Kralovic

"Williamson Accounting has been a solid partner in keeping us on track with our day to day operations as well as future business. Thanks to Michael and his team,their sound competent guidance on accounting matters has allowed us to focus on our business fully without  additional pressures of accounting matters." 

Thomas Kralovic, President, Spoon Media


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Industry Specialties

Knowledgeable Professionals for Your Business

Williamson Accounting serves clients in various industry sectors. As a small business you expect your professional service provider to have a thorough knowledge of the industry in which you operate.

In performing business consultationbookkeeping service and tax service it is essential to have deep industry experience. Having a thorough understanding of your industry is a fundamental approach of Williamson Accounting.

While our business and expertise span most markets. Below are a few of the industries we focus on:

Real Estate

Rental Property Owners, Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Agents. We will be a strategic member of your team, helping you stay on top of your finances. 

Medical, Health and Beauty Services

Healthcare Providers, Healthcare Practitioners, Hair and Beauty Salons

Internet Technologies

Computer Technicians, Web designers, Online Stores - We know the difference between IP, Routers, Switches and FTP- and we have the right accounting solutions for your needs.


Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, Home Renovators, Painters, General Trades, etc.- you may have many questions. How do I report payments made to my subcontractors? Should I incorporate? How do I organize my records?

Media Design and Printing

Printers, Graphic designers, Artist, Marketing, etc.

Investment and Professional Services

Investment Companies, Financial Services Professionals, Engineers and other Commission Base Service providers, etc.


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We are located near Sheppard Ave. and the 401/ 404 Hwy corridor at 203- 211 Consumer Road 
Toronto, ON M2J 4G8
Tel: 416-444-8747
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Henry David Thoreau

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it”

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