Accounts Receivable

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Accounts receivable is money owed by customers of your business on the sale of products or services on credit. Typically, accounts receivable comes about by creating an invoice and either mailing, faxing or emailing it to the customer. The customer then must pay, within a given timeframe, which depending on the industry can be anywhere from 10-30 days after the due date.  It makes better financial sense for the business to collect on this outstanding invoice as early as possible. Doing so increases the company’s cash flow and cuts down the loan period to the client.

Let us assist your business in its accounts receivable function. In addition to the basic service of entering invoices, credit memos and reconciling customer accounts, we can also handle the preparation of customer invoices, applying of payments and preparation of overdue notices.

No longer will you be concerned whether sales are being recorded and that customers are being contacted regarding outstanding balances.

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