Cathy Mauro

"In the startup phase of my business I needed some challenging questions answered relating to payroll and accounting systems. Rather than spending hours researching it, I let Williamson Accounting handle it – providing clear-cut answers to my issues instantly. As a small start-up I was unsure a professional accounting firm would take time to work with me. But no business is too small for Williamson Accounting and they gave me the one-on-one consultation I needed and great professional guidance. With their help I know I am making smart decisions in handling my business finances."

Cathy Mauro, President, Stand Ease Incorporated

Online Bookkeeping

cloud-proadvisor-index-training-qboAre you seeking to take advantage of the cloud? Having the need to access your company’s financial information securely, any time and any place? If your answer is yes, then QuickBooks online is for you. 

We are pleased to see that QuickBooks now as the online version of its popular desktop software here in Canada.

At Williamson Accounting we have been supporting our clients with QuickBooks for more than 10 years and are Certified Pro Advisors for your online bookkeeping needs. 

To learn more about our Online Bookkeeping Service. Contact us today (416) 444-8747.

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We are located near Sheppard Ave. and the 401/ 404 Hwy corridor at 203- 211 Consumer Road 
Toronto, ON M2J 4G8
Tel: 416-444-8747
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James Branch Cabell

"The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds, and the pessimist fears this is true."

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