Financial Reports

Get the reports you need to manage your business

Financial reports provide an overview of your business financial condition for the short and long term. We work closely with our clients to provide insight and assistance into the financial management, processes, and control of their business. Having regular financial reports helps you make better informed and timely decisions around your business finances.

Our monthly reporting package includes:

  • Income Statement: showing the revenue, expenses, and profit for the month and Year-to-date so that you can track how profitable you are.
  • Balance Sheet: shows you the cash available, accounts receivable, inventory balances, fixed assets, accounts payable, GST/HST payable, source deductions payable, taxes payable, bank loans, shareholder loans, and retained earnings.
  • A/R Aging: detailed report showing which customers owe money and how old the balances are.
  • A/P Aging: detailed report showing which bills are unpaid based on when they are due.


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