Five reasons why you can't afford to have bad Bookkeeping

BookkeepingThere are many reasons why a business should be maintaining their books on a regular basis. It's not only used as a tax-saving strategy but can help you maintain your sanity in the event you get dragged into a legal dispute from the commingling of funds. Here is a list of reasons why you should maintain a set of books for each business you own.

2020 Federal Tax and RRSP Changes

2020 Tax ChangesBudget 2019 contained some important tax and RRSP changes that will probably affect you. The changes are a bit complicated, but we’re here to break them down for you. The good news is, the changes will probably save you money; that is if you earn under $214,368 a year! Let’s jump into the changes.

Attaining New Business Goals

Coffee BreakThe New Year is just around the corner. This time of season, it’s natural to reflect back on all the things we accomplished in the year and all the things we’re looking forward to in the next. You see people talking about New Year's resolutions all the time in their personal lives, but what about New Year’s business resolutions? You might decide you want to push your business to new heights in 2020 by setting and attaining new goals. There’s a lot to be said about the kinds of goals you set, the intention behind them, setting yourself up for success, and communicating those goals to your stakeholders. Let’s dive a little deeper into it:


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