Mark Peros

“I contacted Williamson Accounting because they were recommended for their expertise in bookkeeping and accounting services. They resolved issues that I had with past GST/HST filing and as a result we obtained a sizeable refund! The things I appreciated were their knowledge and experience; professionalism and their ability to keep us posted throughout the process. I would highly recommend Williamson Accounting to anyone in the market ranging from small business bookkeeping to complex tax audit issues with the Canada Revenue Agency.”

Mark Peros, President, Peros Inc. and CMFR Canada


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Williamson Accounting Inc. helping your small business to reduce taxes and simplify accounting in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and across Canada.

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Calculator imageMany businesses do not realize the benefits of hiring an accounting professional. In our daily business practice, we have come across clients who have had their tax return prepared by a "friend" or someone who prepares tax returns "on the side" Usually, when the client approaches us, it is because they have a problem – which is often a tax audit. The client doesn’t know why they were selected. But often we do, usually it’s because of unpaid taxes, excessive losses in hobby businesses or expenses in areas that create a red flag.

The self-employed professional can easily avoid these pit falls by knowing how to choose a competent professional to handle their accounting and tax preparation needs.

Finding someone to look after your records, file your taxes and advise you on your most crucial fiscal decisions is an important and sometimes difficult task. Below are a few guidelines concerning what to look for in an accountant. 

Professional Competence 
The key to selecting your firm is to look for accountants who are competent and experienced enough to care for your needs. If you are a small or medium sized company, you probably don't need to hire one of the national firms to handle your business. At the same time, you should not settle for less than complete professional competence.

Method of Billing 
As a Small Business owner you should never be surprised by fees billed to you. Find out exactly what services are to be provided and at what cost. Ask the accountant if he will charge you for phone consultations or in-person sessions, and at what rate. Fixed-fee billing usually includes these items. Contact us to get your quote!

Personalized Service 
Everyone promises it -- but will you really get it? Will you be relegated to junior personnel in the firm once the newness wears off? Or will you at a minimum be able to chat with senior personnel when necessary?

Prompt Response 
Find out how quickly the accountant will respond to your phone calls or requests for personal meetings. In our fast-moving society not responding within one business day is unacceptable.

Efficient Handling of Tax Returns 
How quickly are tax returns prepared and filed once you have supplied all the necessary information? Will you receive a personal review of your tax returns before they're filed?

Contact Williamson Accounting Services and see how we measure up in being of service to you.

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