Williamson Accounting specializes in the most popular software to provide complete computerized Bookkeeping on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. We offer both off-site and on-site service.

(Please note: Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we have halted all On-site Bookkeeping until further notice).

Off-Site Bookkeeping

On-Site Bookkeeping


  • Usually costs less than an on-site bookkeeper (contact us for an estimate)
  • No travel time to pay for 
  • No annual accounting software cost (bookkeeper provides software)
  • Can leverage highly experience staff to do data entry
  • Usually costs more than an off-site bookkeeper with more time involved and travel costs


• Don’t have to schedule time for bookkeeper to come to office 

• Bookkeeper provides own desk, computer, software, supplies 

• Business owner can provide answers to questions by e-mail
• Bookkeeper can open mail, organize documents and perform other administrative tasks 

• No need to arrange transport of(fax/email/courier) documents to bookkeeper 

• Bookkeeper can write cheques more frequently 

• Slightly less time-consuming for business owner - does not have to annotate deposits and electronic transfers on bank statements


• Usually more accessible because not having to spend time travelling and spends most of the day at own office


• Answering bookkeeper’s questions can be done by e-mail (usually at a time convenient for owner)
• Answering bookkeeper’s questions is  done verbally and can be an interruption during the work day

Software & Data

• Accounting software data file resides at bookkeeper’s location with access to accounting data file as needed 

• Automatically backed up multiple times per day for disaster recovery purposes.
• Accounting data file resides at business location 

• No additional monthly fee for access to live accounting data file (because data file resides on company computer) 

• May not be backed up regularly

Business Security

• Less susceptible to fraud because bookkeeper does not make bank transactions

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